Saturday, June 18, 2005

Definite Shrinkage

After a month it's time to update my measurements. And there's a definite change for the better, I must say! It's nice to see shrinkage confirmed in both weight and girth terms, and it's always nice to get a boost.

Neck: 37cm 36cm (-1cm)
U/Arm: 33cm 32cm (-1cm)
Bust: 109cm 105cm (-4cm)
Waist: 94cm 89cm (-5cm)
Tummy/Hips: 121cm 118cm (-3cm)
Thigh: 63cm 61cm (-2cm)
Calf: 44cm 40cm (-4cm)
Ankle: 25cm 24cm (-1cm)

I do wonder what my measurements were when I started. I suspect I've lost a lot more than just the loss from the last month, although maybe I'd have depressed myself too much with the original figures, so I might be better off not knowing!

I'm still running away like mad. Today I broke 32 minutes for 5k for the first time ever. I'm getting a teensy bit faster each time I run, which is great. Once the Race for Life is out of the way the big target is going to be increasing my distance. I've done a couple of longer runs, but I really do want to start working on that, possibly more than I want to increase my speed much more. It would be nice to break 30 minutes for 5k, but I think I'd be better staying at this speed and going further than going faster but the same distance. Or maybe I'll try both!

I'm amazed how much I do actually like running as a form of exercise. And it works. I know there's diet and other factors at play, but my weight loss has speeded up so much since I started running properly. What more motivation do I need?

I expect the rest of the day to be very much off plan, however. I'm meeting up with some friends for belated birthday drinks at 2. And don't expect to be home particularly early. So that's a lot of drinks. I've bought some little bottles of water which I'm hoping to drink at strategic points in the afternoon to try to mitgate the effects, but it may well not be pretty.


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