Saturday, April 23, 2005

Back in the groove soon?

So, my foot still hurts. But there are signs of improvement, and I'm planning to try going back to the gym tomorrow. Well, it will be one of two places. The gym or the hospital (hopefully not both!). If it's not improved I'll go back to the hospital and try for an x-ray. If it carries on getting better I'll try some light exercise at the gym. Nothing too weight bearing though, I'm planning on a bit of work on the exercise bike, some upper body weights and a swim. Also, I'll be back to eating a bit more healthily tomorrow so will be trying to get back into the groove.

It's been nice having a week off in a way, but I'm conscious that I need to get back into exercising fairly soon so that a week off doesn't turn into three months. So I'm going to try what I can without putting too much stress on my foot.


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