Saturday, April 09, 2005

Current Status

The slider at the top is the overall progress bar, based on taking me down to a healthy BMI (as calculated here). I've not put a lot of thought into that figure by itself, I prefer to take things a stone at a time. Which helpfully isn't in metric, but I've worked out the figures both ways (in the forlorn hope that one of the sets of figures would look more achievable than the other!)

The first stone was a pig to get off. I started going to the gym in July 2004 and nearly got down to a stone lighter than where I started. And then, due to a variety of reasons I stopped going to the gym. I couldn't use my car for about 6 weeks due to my freeloading family descending on me, so found it hard to get to the gym. I spent about 3 weeks on holiday. I was burgled and it took me about a week to get over that. And it was Christmas, with lots of eating, drinking, and being merry. So I ended up putting most of the weight back on again. And while I was still lighter than when I started, I'd ruined most of the progress that I'd made. So at the beginning of this year I started again and made slow slow progress. I got down to nearly the point I was at before.

And then it just started falling off. Once I got near the stone I seemed to lose nearly another half in about a week or 10 days. I don't think that rate of loss is sustainable, but I'm hoping at the least to keep it off, even if I plateau for a while. It would be great if it would keep on coming off like that, but I'm realistic about these things.

Once I got past the first stone I set a new, achievable, target of losing another stone by the time I go on holiday at the end of May to Greece. Conveniently that gave me 7 weeks to lose 2 pounds a week. I thought that it would be hard, but achievable.

The new plan started on Tuesday. It's Saturday today, and I've lost 4 pounds. I'm where I planned to be in another 10 days time. I'm delighted, and if I can lose more than a stone before I go away, I'll be absolutely ecstatic. I might try to do a mini ticker for my mini-challenges as I go.


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