Thursday, April 28, 2005

Doing something right

According to the scales, I was down another pound this morning. Of course, I know from bitter experience that weighing myself every day does mean that I'm more succeptible to short fluctuations that are gone the next day, but recently that's not seemed to happen as much. If I'm down, I stay down and then drop even further by and large. So although I'll cope if my weight fluctuates back up again tomorrow morning, I'm hopeful that I've kick started the weight loss after my brief hiatus.

I put it down to moving from a stupid diet that did make me lose weight, but consisted mainly of cereal and toast, to a lovely healthy diet that involves a bowl of cereal, about 10 portions of fruit and veg and a piece of chicken. But what shocked me most about this changed diet isn't that I'm losing weight. It's that I'm enjoying it. I enjoyed my roasted peppers so much last night that I went to the supermarket specially to get more peppers to make it tonight. This morning I opened my tub of raspberries to put some on my cereal and had polished off the lot by 9.30am because they were so more-ish.

So maybe, just maybe, I can keep this up. I've lost 25lb in total now, and you can see and feel the difference. While I'm on this roll there's no way I'm giving up and going back to how I was. And blogland, please hold me to it.


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