Thursday, April 21, 2005

Learned my lesson

Exercising too much, too soon.

First, the good news. The foot does (touch wood) seem to be getting better. It's looking more promising and less broken than it did. Which is a good start. But I'm starting to look into what happened, and I suspect that exercising my arse off every day, with scant regard for the blister under my foot that made me put my foot down in an unnatural position, didn't help, not least when my foot is already a bit out of alignment because of my ankle.

So I think I've learned my lesson. Build it up slowly, steadily, and don't push it. I'd rather be fat for the rest of my life than in that sort of pain on a regular basis. Incidentally, this story (may not work outside the UK)put a smile on my face this morning.

So, no doubt a few pounds gained over the past week due to the bad timing of no exercise and having to eat the sort of food my father expects me to prepare (roast dinners, highly calorific stuff and chocolate based desserts) at the same time. But hopefully no lasting damage, and I can get back on the wagon in a week or so.


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