Monday, April 25, 2005

Much better

I can (almost) walk properly again. Big improvement now, which is good.

I did another 20 minutes on the bike today, with a 30 minute swim after and about 30 minutes of the yoga dvd this evening. I also walked to and from the car (about 1km each way) rather than parking in the car park close to work like I've had to all last week. On the way back my foot gave out just before I got back to the car, but overall it was a creditable performance.

No change on the scale, but I've achieved what I wanted to do a couple of weeks ago after my lose 6lb in a week spell, which was stabilise my weight and consolidate what I'd lost, so I'm not too disappointed. At least that says to me that the weight is gone for good rather than as a reaction to what I'd been eating that week.

The big news this morning was that I saw my graduation dress hanging in the wardrobe. I last wore it in about 1999. For some reason I decided to try it on when I was half dressed. Sure, my stomach looked huge, but that could have been something to do with the fact I already had my tracksuit bottoms on underneath it. And even with the extra layer of clothes it fit far better than it has done since, well, graduation. Another success.

I look at it like I'm peeling off the layers of fat. So I've got rid of the living on my own fat and my broken ankle fat, and I'm working my way back to my university weight. Then I have the challenge of getting rid of the 4 months in the USA fat. That lot's going to be a bugger to shift. I went way overboard on the great US "diet", in particular the eat as much as you like buffet at my university for Sunday brunch. Get there fore breakfast. Stay til lunch. And eat in between. That was bad of me.

Then once that's off I'll be back to pretty much my lightest adult weight. I don't have weights as such that I'm aiming for, just clothes in my wardrobe. I've thrown a lot of them out, but there are still some I can use to guauge it. I lost weight when I first went to university, I was so stressed about getting into debt I lived off about £15 per week and hardly ate a thing. That lasted about a term before I got my student loan through, then my lack of knowledge about healthy cooking etc kicked in and the weight started going on, and carried on at various speeds for nearly 8 years. Ouch.

Well, that's it. I've shown it the door, and it's coming off.

For good.


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