Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sanity Reigns

Ah, a good night's sleep, a bit of sunshine and all is well with the world again. I'm back, I'm sane, and I'm eating healthy but not excessively calorific food. I've got some stuffed peppers roasting as I type. Lovely. (hopefully!).

So while I still have doubts about my ability to keep weight off long term, and whether I want to be the sort of person who cares about keeping weight off long term, I'm back exercising, staying awake when I get home from work, and feeling better about myself.

Maybe it was just the hangover from hell after all that, I don't know. I think, on reflection, I was a bit hasty blaming it on losing weight when I've been doing that for a while, albeit slower, and felt fine. I should have blamed the beer, really. I've learnt my lesson.

But I'm not racing to get that drunk again for a while. Anyway, this morning for the first time this week I felt able to do a decent workout. Monday and Tuesday I got to the gym, looked at the exercise bike (which I usually find pretty much the easiest machine), decided it was too hard. Went to the pool and found I couldn't swim and went to sit in the steam room. This morning I was back on track with 45 minutes on the cross trainer and 25 minutes walking on the treadmill. All before work, too, I'll have you know.

I love morning workouts, and I suspect the fact I've not been doing them properly for the past few days didn't help my mood any. I find that it really sets me up for the day ahead and makes me feel like I've achieved something before I even get to work. It also means I have far fewer excuses for not exercising because, while I do sometimes work late and feel like I can't be bothered to do anything after work, I rarely have to start work excessively early, and if my alarm goes off at the time I need it to go off to get to the gym (and it does this every morning), then I'm awake and I don't have much else to do, so why not exercise? It's almost a routine now, and a routine I never thought I'd pick up. Even my friends who have always been gym bunnies don't see how I can exercise in the morning, but for me, it's the only time I can face it.


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