Saturday, April 23, 2005


I got my hands on 2 yoga dvds unexpectedly early today. They were part of an offer on the back of a cereal packet, so I knew they were coming, I was just quite shocked that I posted my tokens on Tuesday or Wednesday and got the dvds through the post today.

Yoga, I thought, that's not high impact, I could do some of that (or try at least). I managed to get through 20 minutes of one of the videos this evening (could have carried on physically, but I got distracted by something and got out of the right state of mind). I could definitely feel the stretching, but it's too early to say whether it's something I'll be keeping up I think.

anyway, I might try to do a full dvd tomorrow (I need to clear more space too before trying it again as I kept banging my feet on bits of furniture), as the bit I did didn't seem to put any undue stress on my foot. And then I'll take it from there and hopefully incorporate it into my routine every so often.


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