Monday, May 09, 2005


Something new for me to try today - I did a session of circuit training.

And I survived.

Seriously, I was getting worried. They've been running it on Monday nights for a month or so at the gym (there aren't normally any classes, just the machines/weights and a pool), and I've never dared go. This morning for some reason I decided to sign up for tonight's class. Went into work, mentioned it and everyone I spoke to or emailed replied "that's REALLY hard...".

Sell it to me, guys.

Anyway, other than feeling like the fat new girl in class, I did fairly well. There were a couple of exercises where I just couldn't get the movements right on the toning bit - when we moved onto cardio circuits I was laughing. Well, panting, but at least I could do it. I suppose the test is how sore I am in the morning.

Anyway, I've worked out why I go through these spells of losing pound after pound after pound in a short space of time. Potential too much information alert, but it all seems to be due to that time of the month. I lose relatively slowly for most of the month, then straight after my period I shoot down. When you look at it averaged out it probably gives a better idea of how much I'm losing, still impressive, but not like the half a stone in a week that I tend to get around this time. And even if it is water, I must have already lost the fat that the water replaced because I don't tend to shoot back up again, I continue losing, just slower. Famous last words!

I am proud to say that I am now a role model to a skinny gym bunny. She left the place where I work when I weighed about 10kg more than I do now, and can't believe what I'm telling her about how much I've lost. The sad thing is that if she lost that amount she'd be non-existent, whereas I can lose it and still be well above my ideal weight. Still, she's been badgering me all day to know how I'm doing it, so I'll bathe in the glory for a while.

And another good thing. I'm off on holiday soon (2 weeks tomorrow!) to sun myself in Greece for a week. I was looking for shorts at lunchtime, and I'm definitely more size 18 like every day. Which is good because it opens the door back to "normal" shops. Even if they don't do every style in an 18, they do a fair few, and they don't look at me with that "that will never fit" look when I try something on.


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