Sunday, May 15, 2005

Fighting those cravings, and winning...

I'm normally fine with eating healthy stuff, but today I went back into the danger zone, a rugby match. A place where it's nigh on impossible to find anything healthy to eat or drink. Hell, at some grounds they don't even sell bottled water so you have to drink beer, soft drinks or tea/coffee. Of those beer is my drink of choice, accompanied by a nice succulent meat and potato pie. Mmm. It has been for 10 years, and it's comfort food for me. And sometimes, the way we've been playing, I need comforting.

Anyway, while I do still treat myself to a pie from time to time at a game, and a pint slightly less often, today I decided I wasn't going to do it. I made up some lunch, put some fruit in my bag, got a huge bottle of water, and set off. But oh, how good those pies smelled. Burgers don't have the same effect, hot dogs completely repulse me. But pies. Oh yes. I could smell it, and I could almost taste it.

But I fought it, and I won. I'd have had a pie and not felt too bad about it had it not been for the fact that I'd already eaten the food I took with me. But I had, so I had to resist, and it took every piece of willpower I could muster, but I did it.

I even managed to resist the cravings for chocolate on the way back and ate a nice balanced meal of leek and quinoa risotto with a roast pepper salad. I'm still thinking about chocolate though, and wondering whether a walk to the shop would go some way to negating the effect of the chocolate I'd buy once I get there. But I will be strong. I'm worth more than a bar of chocolate.


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