Saturday, May 21, 2005

Going the Distance

Today's challenge was to increase the distance I can run. Well, I did that successfully! My previous best was a little over 5k. I got to 6.75k today before stopping, and could probably have carried on a little longer.

OK, I jogged it very slowly. But I did jog it. I did the first 10 minutes at a decent pace for me, then dropped down to a gentle jog for the other 5.25k, but today distance was the important thing, not time. I'm trying to mix up what I do when I'm running, even if it seems like it's constant treadmill work, it does vary.

I'm down another pound now. My big hope is to be down one more by Tuesday when I go on holiday, but to be honest I'm happy with this weight if that's a little unrealistic. 7 weeks ago I wanted to lose a stone before the holiday. With 2 days to go I'm a pound off a stone and a half. That's good going so I'm not going to let missing the extra half get me down too much.

I've spent the day struggling with my jeans. They just keep on riding down and down and down my arse. I think they may have to be retired shortly. They're probably one of the biggest pairs I have, and I'm just trying to get some wear out of them before I can't do it any more!

Yet another day off the booze - I've not had a drop of alcohol since last Saturday, and I won't in what's left of today. I have to drive over to Manchester to pick my mother up from a midnight flight arrival, so stone cold sober is the order of the day. Booze is probably a bigger weakness for me than chocolate is, and certainly worse than burgers and soft drinks. So it's a notable achievement.

I'm tired though. I was going to go back to the gym at about 8 to keep myself awake for the drive over (and to give me something to do) but after having about 4 hours sleep last night I might have to have a nap instead.


Blogger -E said...

I was surfing on BlogExplosion and found your blog. Congrats! That is mighty impressive. Keep up the good work. And what all have you done to help your weight loss?

11:13 PM  

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