Saturday, May 14, 2005

Good day

I ran 5k again. I'm finding it easier and easier each time, and as well as getting quicker I'm also far less ready to die at the end of it. It's looking good.

My weight has headed back down towards my low from the beginning of the week too, I'm off my mini gaining phase. So if I only weighed myself once a week I'd have been none the wiser as I'm over 3lb down from last Saturday, but I still like to do it so I can keep control of myself. I don't post them all here though, and I do allow for fluctuations. But I kist like to keep a handle on where I am all the time.

I'm planning to try to make a new tomato, bean and chicken thing tonight with some quinoa, which I've never tried before. The recipe doesn't exist as such, other than in my head, so I'm going to have a play around and see what happens. Often the best way!


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