Sunday, May 08, 2005

I weigh how much???

I know I shouldn't weigh myself every day, but I can't help it. And after finally hitting 2 stone weight loss yesterday I wasn't expecting my weight to go down today. It usually drops one day then hovers at about that weight for a couple of days, then drops again.

Not today. After dropping 2lb between Friday and yesterday, it dropped another 3lb today. I couldn't believe my eyes and had to step on and off the scales, again and again til I could force myself to believe it. how on earth did that happen? I'm not complaining, merely astonished.

I do like weighing myself every day in a way. I know not to expect any more drops until the middle of next week, and possibly to put a bit on before then to make up for the huge drop today, but it keeps me on track, and thinking about the choices I'm going to make each day.

And sometimes there are bonuses like that which set me up for the rest of the day.


Blogger karma said...

congratulations - keep it up!

4:15 PM  

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