Wednesday, May 11, 2005

I'm not on a diet...

I've changed the way I think.

I didn't realise it, but two things struck me today.

The first is that we were meant to have end of financial year target meeting celebration drinks after work tonight. In the past I'd have given myself a morning off the gym and gone into work on the bus. Or at the very least gone to the gym on the early bus but then proceeded to get well and truly plastered. I had driven half way to the gym this morning before I even remembered that I was meant to be going out drinking. So I just decided to not drink rather than going home, dumping the car and missing the gym. In the end they moved it to tomorrow night instead of tonight, but I suspect I'll make the same choice in the morning.

The second is that two people at work have had birthdays in the past two days so there have been free cakes available for munching. I didn't touch them, either day. Now, if this was because I have willpower I'd be amazed enough, but what was possibly even more astonishing was the fact that I didn't eat them because I didn't want to eat them. I looked at them and they held no appeal whatsoever.

For me, and harking back to a post I made the other week, that's the difference between what I'm trying to do and going on a diet. I'm trying to change my eating habits by eating healthy stuff I like and gradually edging the non-healthy stuff out of my diet by choice. The way I always see a diet is a list of someone else's rules that make you give up stuff you like without necessarily satisfying you with food that you do like. I guess it's not like that for everyone, but that's how it would feel to me, and why I'm far happier doing this.

And I managed 5km again this morning for the first time since I hurt my foot. I didn't run all of it as I wanted to take it easy, but I ran a fair bit of it and was quietly pleased with my time. Not the fastest I've ever gone, but at least I'm running again.


Blogger CheekyMoo said...

You are doing awesome. I like that outlook. I feel the same way. I can't follow a diet. I can't follow someone elses plan so I just made up my own. Congrats on passing up the drinks and cake! It's not so tough after a while. That's a lot of exercise too.

I actually allowed a piece of cake to be set in front of me yesterday. I was going to eat a few bites. Then the dog that a woman takes around for pet therapy, a gigantic great dane came up, and licked my piece. I mean he licked it, the entire thing went on giant tongue, and down throat. When I left he even had cake on his eyebrows. I think that was a Chintervention if I ever saw one!

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