Monday, May 23, 2005

Losing my luggage

Not emotional baggage or anything like that, but literal, genuine luggage. You see, I'm off to Greece for a week tomorrow and my bag weighs about 15kg.

Coincidentally, I've now lost 15.5kg of body weight.

So I'm standing here, picking up my bag, marvelling at how heavy it actually is, and feeling so happy that I don't have to wear that weight on my body and drag it round in the summer heat of Greece all week. Let alone imagining running with it, or climbing stairs. Or doing anything really.

So my luggage is gone, and there's more to follow. Hopefully the seat belt on the plane will be nice and loose tomorrow too.

I'm having a week where I can eat and drink what I want, and where I'm not going to go to the gym. I guess I'll see how much my habits have changed, and how much I can trust myself. And if I can't trust myself, well, I know I can get it back off when I get home, so I'm not going to worry too much.


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