Wednesday, May 04, 2005


Well, half the Budapest weight is off already. I said I was confident it wouldn't hang around for long. This is the thing. I know I can be good. So I don't get too hung up about the days or weekends or even weeks when I'm not, as I know that as long as I keep control I can get it back off again. So I'm chilled at the moment, which is good.

It struck me the other day, I seem to have turned almost veggie. I do still eat meat when I feel like it, but I seem to feel like it less and less. I'm quite happy to eat meals consisting solely of vegetables and fruit, and it doesn't bother me one little bit.

My foot started to hurt a bit again after my run last night, so I took it relatively easy in the gym this morning (although not easy easy, but easy in comparison to what I did before I hurt my foot). Hopefully it's getting back to normal now though, so I can get back to kick ass workouts before too long.

The other thing I want to do soon is to get rid of my fat clothes. In particular, now I can fit into my smaller (older) jeans I don't see the need to keep my baggy, fat jeans hanging around. The question is, do I keep them. Not so much in case I put the weight back on, because I've promised myself I won't do that, but because it's useful for measuring my progress. And then my suits. I really need to get some new work clothes, but I want to wait until I can get size 16 so I have more choice and hopefully more wear out of them.

So hopefully that won't be long!


Blogger The Complimenting Commenter said...

You are really doing well. It looks like you are almost at your smaller goal for the month with like 3 weeks left! It's great that meat doesn't have the same hold for you as it did. I do hope your foot gets better though.

Good luck!

9:25 PM  

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