Friday, May 13, 2005


Yay, I'm back to running/jogging the whole 5km on the treadmill. Not as fast as I did before I did my foot, but nevertheless I did run every last step of it, so I'm really pleased. Now I just want to get used to doing the distance and trying to increase my speed a bit, and possibly the incline.

Then I'd love to try to increase my distance. Probably hand in hand with speed. If I can do 5km in 35 minutes now then if I get a bit faster maybe I can do 5.5km in the same time given time. And then take it from there.

What I would really love to do is increase my distance a lot. It's strange, but even when I was horribly sedentary and not at all bothered about being fit, I always used to dream of doing a marathon one day. I'm not under any illusions that I could do it at the moment, but one day, who knows? What I'm planning to do is my 5km race in July and then hopefully a 10km in November (if it's happening, I can't seem to find any mention of the 2005 race although I know it's taken place the past couple of years). And then for next year I'll have a look what I think I can do. Possibly a half marathon, or just trying to get accustomed to running 10km. Twice what I can do now, but not impossible. Not long ago I could only run 500 metres so it's not completely impossible that I could get up to 10km.

I need something to aim at after all!

My weight's been fairly stable all week. After Sunday's surprising low, it popped back up to more where I expected it to be by the end of this week, about 104.2kg. I always do seem to drop down at the weekend though (no idea why) so maybe by tomorrow morning I'll be losing again. But then I keep on thinking that I'm losing too fast, so when I do lose 2lb in a week (losing 3 then putting 1 back on) I shouldn't be downhearted, but I just remember what it was like to see that figure on the scales early last week, and I want to see it again.


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