Saturday, June 11, 2005

Changing my terminology

I've decided I'm not going to talk about the "new me" any more. Not that I'm going to stop putting down the ways I keep on surprising myself every day with my changed habits (yesterday I sat in a 4 hour meeting without a glance at the plate of biscuits), but because I don't like the idea that there is "me" and "new me". That makes it sound like new me isn't really me. That it's something that's here now, but may be transient, and may not last.

Well, I want new me to hang around for good. I want new me to be who I think of as just, well, me. As simple as that. Although I do want to celebrate the changes in my lifestyle, I don't want to look on this as something too dramatic in way. I want to look at this as just something I do, not something I need a new me to be able to stick to.

when you buy a new house, at some point it goes from being your new house to just being home. It's part of your life, and there's no strangeness about it. You drive home straight to it and don't take a wrong turning, ending up where you used to live. And that's what I want to do with my lifestyle. I want this to just be natural, part of me, and part of my life. I'm achieving that well at the moment, and to keep up the momentum I'm going to use the power of language.

So from now on, me is me. There may be an old me, but otherwise, there's just me. As I am.


Blogger Nomizana said...

I like that, when you say once you've bought the house it stops being new house and just becomes home. I really do, anyway i am following your success from way back in 2005. Well done

8:43 AM  

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