Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Can do you a world of good.

They're flooding in from all angles at the moment. It's amazing what it does for your confidence, your outlook on life and your mood.

It's not just the weight either. I'm sure that's helping and making people notice things they wouldn't ordinarily notice. But it's "nice suit". "Nice haircut" (I had my under 100kg haircut today). "Where did you get that skirt". And so on. I'm sure that if that suit or that skirt had my old body underneath (not that it would have fit) they wouldn't have noticed. And even if they would have, it puts a spring in your step and makes you feel good.

Apparently people are starting to discuss my weight loss at work, sounding out from my secretary how much I've lost. And it feels fantastic. People are talking about me! For good reasons!

And it's making me more confident. I'm vaguely contemplating asking a guy to go to the pub with me. One on one. A guy I've never met, bizarrely, but we chatted on msn for about 4 hours last night, so it might be a possibility. I walk around with my head held higher, looking the world in the face as though I deserve to be part of it, not banished to McDonalds with the fatties of this world.

I love it!

Now I just have to keep this thing up and reap the rewards of the hard work so far.


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