Saturday, June 11, 2005

Double Figures

I love the week straight after that time of the month. Every month it seems that I lose most of my weight for the month in one week, spending the rest of the month maintaining or edging slowly downwards.

So while it may not seem healthy to have lost about 6lb in the past week, I know that it will average itself out over the month, so I'm not too stressed about "losing too much" (yes, I'm learning there is such a concept!).

But what those 6lb have done is to get me past a big figure for me. Rounded to the nearest kg it may only be showing as 100kg on my tracker, but I know that it's 99.7. Double figures! I track my weight in pounds and kg. All the machines at the gym are in kg so most of my measurements are initially done as kg, then converted so I can work out how many stone I've lost (nearly 3, btw - 40lb now). I started at 118kg and 100 looked a long way away. I'm there now. And I'm never planning to go back.

I know over the next week or so as my weight stabilises (as it does every month) I'll probably sneak back over for a couple of days, but hopefully that will then be it. I will never let myself get over 100kg again. I like double figures, and I'm planning to stay here.

The next big target is another 20lb to get below 200lb for the first time in many many years. And then to stay there.

Two more installments for "how I amaze myself every day". I went for a pub lunch with my sister as a treat for her (and for me for reaching double figures). I looked at the menu, and chose the pasta with vegetables. What happened there? I was doing vegetarian week during the week, but I told myself that it was just Monday 9am - Friday 5pm and that I could eat meat over the weekend. But I chose not to. And secondly, I'm going to La Palma for a couple of days at the end of the month with my parents. They booked the hotel. I looked it up on the website, and the first thing I checked was whether it has a gym. It does, so I then mentally added my gym kit to my packing list.

I'm different now, but in a very very good way!


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