Sunday, June 19, 2005

Feeling pretty

I seem to have found a bit of long overdue self esteem. I'm feeling pretty. I'm taking photos of myself that I actually like. I'm going out for drinks with friends and realising that for the first time ever I'm the thinnest person sitting round the table. That doesn't mean that I'm thin, exactly, but it does mean that I'm thinner and thinner by the day.

I have great collarbones. I have lovely thin wrists and ankles. I can tie my hair back and take a photo of my face without feeling ill. I wear dresses I used to stretch to breaking point, and they're distinctly loose. This isn't necessarily an advantage when they're strapless and relying on your boobs to defy gravity, but never mind!

I need to either work out how to get a photo off my new phone onto my pc or work out how to take a flattering picture of myself with the digital camera (far harder when you don't have a screen facing in the right direction to help with your aim!). I suppose I can hope that by the time I've worked out how to do this I'll have lost another couple of pounds just to make it look even more lovely.

Anyway, with fortuitous timing, I won £50 in a raffle today, so I think it's time to go shopping for holiday clothes before I head off to Spain on Saturday. For this I would like to thank Jonathan who, seeing me buying a mere £1 of tickets pulled the guilt card to make me buy £2. This despite the fact that he didn't buy any, and the £2 bought by his girlfriend Zoe presumably was to cover the two of them... Of course, it was the second strip that won, so I suppose I should thank him!

So, shopping. I'm looking for dresses and skirts, maybe a nice top. Something that looks nice rather than something that just fits. Truthfully, I'd probably have shopped anyway, but now I have a good excuse for a change!


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