Wednesday, June 01, 2005

I'm back

Fantastic holiday. Made far far better by my newly discovered fitness. I was racing up and down hills without a care in the world. And there were a lot of hills and steps, believe me. I really could tell the difference.

Of course, it wasn't all on plan as it were. Not that there is a plan, but there are some things which are definitely off it, if you see what I mean. Things like fried cheese, copious amounts of alcohol, very little water and plenty of cake. And did I mention the fried cheese. Oops.

Still, I like to live a little and the damage wasn't too bad. I ate better stuff than I have traditionally done on holiday, and I probably exercised more. And I know that it was a week off rather than reverting to my old habits.

But, having lost my luggage before I went, I realised where it has gone from. I spent days staring at my thin thighs. Under a short skirt they almost looked like they didn't touch each other. And maybe they didn't. They certainly didn't rub against each other for the first time in about 15 years. Since I was 12ish, if I remember correctly. That's a lot of rubbing, and a lot of soreness. And it seems to be over. So I'm not focussing on what the scale said this morning. I'm focussing on my fit, toned and damned hard working thighs.


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