Wednesday, June 15, 2005

So that's why I don't drink

I've felt like crap all day. Really really crap. And all because I had a few drinks last night. With a bloke. Not a date, exactly, but certainly a few drinks. And boy am I paying for it today.

from the throwing up last night (I swear that the 40lb I have lost are the ones that used to save me from drunkenness, I'm still trying to adapt to my lower alcohol tolerance), to the ickiness of this morning, the tiredness caused by the lack of sleep, the general feeling of rubbishness that aspirin couldn't shift, overall I've had a horrible day.

But I'm determined to tell myself that this is a good thin. I am aware of what I am putting into my body and I am learning to recognise what my body likes and what it objects to. Which makes the whole willpower thing a lot easier. It's not about resisting stuff, food, beer, whatever, because I feel like I ought to, but because I know that I'll regret it in the long run. See, I said this was a good thing.

But the general feeling of depression today hasn't been helped by my drinking partner of last night not rearing his head online today. Did I scare him away? Please say I didn't, I had a laugh and I'd like to do it again. With a lot less beer and a lot more water.


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