Thursday, June 23, 2005


Did I buy the jeans? Well, what do you think?

And of course, I didn't just buy the jeans, I bought a size 16 top to go with them. Two bits of size 16 clothing in one day. I could have died and gone to heaven!

It does frustrate me though, the way sizes vary from shop to shop. I bought size 16 in one shop, then tried size 18 in another shop and it was still too tight. Of course, I know which ones I'll be naturally drawn towards, but I'm not getting ahead of myself, I promise.

But I no longer even pick up 20s. I don't go anywhere near Evans. I did promise myself I'd never shop there again, until I realised the flaw in this plan. Evans is still just about the only place I can buy shoes. You see, I'm not just fat, I'm big boned...

Yes, you've heard that excuse before, I know, but seriously. I have huge feet, and Evans are just about the only high street type place I know of that make shoes that actually fit me. This is the one thing that probably annoyed me most when I was "fatter than I am now". I got frustrated shopping for clothes because they didn't fit. I couldn't admit to myself that this was because I was shopping in the wrong shops, in the wrong sizes, and that I wasn't actually an 18, or even a 20. So I'd turn to shoes in despair. And realise that the situation was even worse. I always knew that if I lost weight I could get into smaller clothes. But my feet aren't going to miraculously get smaller, any more than I'm going to get shorter. They might lose a bit of puffiness and become normal size 9s, rather than size 9 wide, but most of the puffiness is broken ankle related anyway. So Evans it was.

But I promise I won't buy clothes in there any more. I have far too much choice to need to do that!

Anyway, here are my new skinny clothes in all their glory (with me inside them!)

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Blogger CheekyMoo said...

Oh you look amazing!! And a tank top even?! Wow! I think you look great. I like to shop at the stores I fit into smaller clothes in. I'd never guess you at a 16 though, I think you just look amazing in those jeans. And I love the outfit, something I would wear. Great job!

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