Sunday, June 05, 2005

Still ticking over

Ah, the ticker's moving again. After a relatively slow May, then a holiday which I thought would undo most of the hard work, it's nice to see it starting to move in the right direction.

I've got a trip over to Spain to see my family in 3 weeks and I'd really love to have lost another 7lb (6.5 really...) by then to take me to 3 stone down in total, but that might be a little unrealistic unless I suddenly start burning it with a vengeance again. Truth to tell, it can come off as slowly as it likes. This is a lifelong thing, and the longer I take to get to goal, the longer I will have to get used to eating healthy stuff and exercising!

Speaking of which, I ran 7k on Friday. I was so proud of myself, it's the furthest I've ever run, and also the longest continuous time for running without walking a step. I'm now starting to feel more confident that I might be able to do the Abbey Dash (10k) in November, although I've still not seen any indication that it's happening this year. I hope so, as that would be a really great achievement.

Startling discovery of the week was that I went for a pub lunch with my grandparents yesterday and there was nothing on the menu I remotely fancied eating. I sat there wondering why they didn't have anything healthier and tastier not because I was trying to stick to my healthy eating, but beacuse I genuinely fancied something with some veg/herbs/delicate flavours rather than slabs of meat smothered in cheese or oil or grease. I keep telling myself this can only be a good thing, but I do keep wondering about who I've turned into!


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