Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Sweet 16

The day has arrived. I will admit that the jeans in question may be quite generously cut and proportioned. And I will admit that they may be slightly tighter than I would ordinarily wear.

But the indisputable fact remains. I went shopping at lunchtime. And while I was trying on some jeans in the sale that I'd liked the look of for a while, I decided to pick up the size 16 version of some jeans that I have in an 18 and which are getting surprisingly baggy (due to said generous cut). I didn't expect them to fasten, as such, or to fasten without rolls and rolls of fat spilling over the top. But I wanted to see how much further I had to go before hitting the heady heights of size 16.

With a little trepidation I took them off the hanger, and looked at them nervously. I eased my legs into them. Up, past my thighs they went. Towards my hips. Surprisingly easily. Then to try to fasten them. How much of a gap was there between button and hole? How much further to go?

Well, no gap at all, actually. They fit like a glove. A very well fitted glove, mind you, but they definitely fit. Me. In a size 16. In jeans. The last time I bought any jeans in a size 16 I must have been at school. I might have still worn some at university, but no doubt only things I'd had for a while that had stretched with my stomach. Not off the hanger, out of the shop size 16s. Skirts I got away with for longer, as a good flared skirt could skim my non-size 16 hips more easily. But not jeans.

I know this victory doesn't mean that I'm a size 16. It means I'm an 18, but that the jeans were cut generously. I posted earlier about checking out sizing charts online, and I'm sticking with that analysis of being an 18. But it's not so long ago that I couldn't even fit into generously sized size 20s (but convinced myself that I was actually a 20 anyway), so I think it's definitely claimable as a milestone. And I didn't even fit into those very jeans in an 18 until May this year (I know, I tried earlier).

The question is, do I go back to the shop tomorrow and actually buy them and post pictures to prove I fit into them?


Blogger stephanie said...

Sweet 16 indeed. My vote? Go buy the jeans! Somehow, mentally, it helps to have a size 16 item or two in the wardrobe. Regardless of generous cut or otherwise flukey fit.
Good work!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Renee said...

Congrats on your NSV!! My vote is if you do like them and are heading for the point where it no longer feels glovish, go ahead and get 'em.

3:38 PM  

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