Thursday, June 09, 2005


I had a work function tonight, and it struck me how far I'd come. I drank water, turned down the canapes and only visited the chocolate fountain once, to dip some fruit lightly in the chocolate. Fruit redeeming the chocolate, clearly. There have been times where the bowl of profiteroles wouldn't have lasted long undipped with me around. I stayed for a while, did the networking stuff and left. I didn't hang around all night drinking myself stupid.

I was chatting to one of my clients (yes! I actually summoned up the courage to speak to someone for a change) who claimed to be on a diet. Which is clearly why she had 3 glasses of wine in the 20 minutes I was speaking to her and took something off every canape tray that came round. While talking all the time about how she was on a diet. I didn't say a word about losing weight, declined politely, then came home and made some lentil, tomato, mangetout and onion stew.

I'm not whingeing about what she ate, we're all allowed to eat off plan once in a while, but more amazed that I'm not that person who has cheat days any more. I didn't resist just because I want to lose weight. I resisted because I didn't want to eat or drink that stuff. I knew that if I drink not only will I be struggling in my 9am meeting tomorrow, but I'll ruin my chances of getting to the gym in the morning. And I might not have got there this morning either as I'd have had to go to work on the bus. I knew that if I eat the canapes I won't be satisfied and I'll be craving something substantial. And I knew that resisting a few trays of stuff wouldn't kill me. I'd rather indulge myself with a couple of gorgeous chocolate dipped strawberries than nibble after nibble of mini burgers and samosas.

I just mentioned the gym. I'm definitely on the lookout for a 10k race sometime soon. This morning I ran 5 miles (a bit over 8k) in 55 minutes, and I had energy left in my legs (but no time to use it). In my wildest, Race for Life planning days I was hoping to get to 5k by now, not running far past it. I enjoy running. I never thought I'd type those particular words! I then swam for half an hour at lunchtime.

And the best moment of the day. Someone at work (thin) said that she really liked my new suit skirt and asked where I got it from. No more mumbling or avoiding the issue. I got it from Next, I replied. I'm back in the world of the high street, and I'm loving it.


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