Sunday, July 31, 2005


It's really hitting. I feel like I've eaten loads today (and that's probably because I have, comparatively). But I'm still hungry, and wondering what other food I have in the kitchen to raid. I'm trying to beat this, and to hold on without giving into a major binge, but I'm getting worried about whether I can or not.

But this isn't a whingey post. No, the more interesting thing is that when I felt really hungry at about 3.30 today I didn't give in and eat something. Instead I got up off the sofa, went down to the park and walked for nearly 2 hours. I discovered new paths I'd never been down before, and a really lovely wooded gorge that you wouldn't have thought would be so close to my house in the city. OK, so it's not very gorgey compared to proper gorges, but it's more than adequate for my purposes. I'm trying to work out a way to work it into my park runs, but the path is a bit more challenging than the surfaces I usually run on, so I'm not sure whether it's a good idea just yet. Still, it's nice for a walk every now and again when I'm having a bit of a rest day.

I didn't sit here trying to persuade myself to do it, I just got up and stretched my legs for a while. There have been many times when I'd have just reached for more food at that point and dealt with my hunger that way, but now the thought didn't really cross my mind.

And I'm not going to give in this evening, even if it involves going upstairs and setting the burglar alarm down here in an attempt to keep me away from the kitchen. I know I've eaten plenty today, so I'd rather not give in to temptation. Maybe just a couple of nuts first though...


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