Saturday, July 09, 2005

Missing. Two boobs

Seriously. I'm sure they disappeared overnight. As if to prove me right the scale was down 2lb this morning*. If someone's going to come and remove weighty body parts overnight, please can you focus your efforts on my stomach and my arse? Thank you. They are much more deserving of your efforts than my poor depleted chest.

*This could also be weight I'd already lost, which then reappeared when I got back from holiday, and which has now gone. But I'm going with the boob theory.

Anyway, although I'm pretty much back where I was 2 weeks ago (or half a pound or so down), I'm also 2 - 3lb down from the start of the week, so I'm feeling good that the scales are on the move again. Other than the fact that I fear I'm going to sabotage myself with pubs and barbeques this weekend. But really, I'm not that bothered. I have confidence in myself that a slightly naughty day or two won't throw me completely off course, so I'm off out to enjoy the sunshine and the company of my friends.


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