Wednesday, July 27, 2005

New Improved YP, now with 20% less fat

So, I've updated the tickers, and I'm now past 20% of my original body weight. That's pretty damn impressive, even if I do say so myself.

Obviously, a girl only has one option when celebrating an achievement like that. Shopping is becoming rather too much of an addiction at the moment, and I'm afraid to say I gave in again.

In a very frugal way, obviously. I realised today that my clothes fall into three categories.

(a) old.

(b) from the sales.

(c) from tesco.

Let's take my lovely new clothes here. Jacket, £15 from Tesco (bargain! particularly since my realisation yesterday that I don't have a coat). Size 16, obviously. Top, £2 from Tesco. Skirt £11 from Warehouse sale (oh yes, another size 16). So even though I'm shopping, I'm not quite spending all my money on clothes...

But the more important thing I decided to do today is to try on everything in my wardrobe and hopefully remove most of it because it's too big. Hopefully I'll get round to posting some pictures of the more amusing or important clothes later tonight.


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