Saturday, July 16, 2005

Peace and Quiet

For the first time in ages I have absolutely nothing planned this weekend. I got the rugby out of the way last night, so it's all me-time from here on in. And even better, it's sunny, so I'm currently sitting in the garden reading the new Harry Potter (well, not right at this moment, as I'm typing this, but in general). Unfortunately I suspect that my neighbours are barbequeing, so I'm expecting tempting smells to come over the hedge any moment now. Still, I'll try to make this my little area of bliss, chillness and relaxation for the weekend.

I feel like I'e been dashing around trying to keep up with myself for far too long. ot that I've been excessively busy at work, just that I keep on trying to cram more and more stuff into my life, and I don't know whether it all fits properly. It leaves me tired, and prone to collapsing on the sofa. I think I need a bit more balance here. So if my mates phone about goig out for a drink tomorrow I'll decline. I want to relax, rebalance and refresh myself.

Also, I need to do some more measurements. My last ones are nearly a month old. I've been checking my measurements during the month, and they look very nice indeed, but I've been telling myself I wouldn't post them on here until the month is up. I'm getting quite excited about them and hoping that the tape measure doesn't suddenly throw a fit and not let me have the nice figures i've been looking at recently.

I'm not being totally lazy this weekend though. I'm trying to get some house jobs done, and I've also done a really good gym session this morning. I'm planning a good run tomorrow too, so I won't be slacking, promise!

Yesterday I made a breakthrough. I allowed myself a muffin for various reasons. Low fat, but still not part of my normal diet. I didn't even enjoy it that much! I ate it, butI realised that it's not something worth craving. Another breakthrough in a year of surprises.


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