Tuesday, July 26, 2005


I'm feeling far better about myself and this whole weight loss thing today, after last week's soul searching. There are still a couple of issues on my mind that I'm working through, but generally speaking I'm back in business. I've had good workouts for the past two days - not running as far, but running much faster and working on the cross trainer at a higher intensity than I usually do when I'm jogging. I fancy a nice long run sometime soon, but at the moment I'm enjoying working harder for a change.

I'm also looking at changing my diet around a bit. I've found stuff that works for me, and is making the weight fall off nicely, but I'm just sick of feeling tired all the time. Although the food I'm eating is perfectly healthy, I'm looking into fiddling around and trying to eat lower GI/higher protein foods where I can fit them in to see if I can beat that feeling. Generally speaking, I don't eat many particularly high GI foods, but I just feel like I could make some small changes in my diet and feel a lot better without affecting my weight loss too much.

So much for the scale avoidance though. Because I was feeling so good this morning, I gave in to temptation, and sure enough it does seem to have started moving down again. Still, in a token gesture to my intention not to weigh as often, I'm not going to record it unless it's repeated on proper weigh in day tomorrow. So prepare for the air to turn blue if it's not!

I was fiddling with figures too today. I was looking back at my loss since I really started working at this in March. Even though I joined a gym last July, by March I was a mere 9lb lighter than I had been at the start. Since March I worked out today that I've lost 42lb (plus the loss I'm not counting yet from today...) in 20 weeks, working out at a pretty stable average of a smidgen over 2lb per week. Of course, that's an average and there have been weeks where I've lost less and weeks where I've lost more, but I'm quite glad that it's fairly settled at a pretty healthy rate, while also coming off at a decent rate.

Oh, and I have a photo I need to take and blog. Out of interest I tried on my old size 22 suit trousers this morning. I've never seen anything quite so baggy on me! They were never tight, but they weren't particularly loose either, I started noticing them loosening up when I lost half a stone or so which was a lot sooner than some of my other clothes. Loose isn't the word now. I doubt they'd even stay up.

The other thing I realised the other day when it went a bit cooler than it has been recently is that with losing most of this weight over summer I've overlooked one area of my wardrobe that's going to need replenishing. Could I find a coat or jacket that didn't drown me? Not a chance. So either the weather needs to improve again, or I have yet another excuse for shopping...


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