Saturday, July 16, 2005

Waisting Away

First the latest shrinkage figures

Neck: 37cm 36cm (-1cm) 34cm (-2cm)
U/Arm: 33cm 32cm (-1cm) 31cm (-1cm)
Bust: 109cm 105cm (-4cm) 102cm (-3cm)
Waist: 94cm 89cm (-5cm) 83cm (-6cm)
Tummy/Hips: 121cm 118cm (-3cm) 109cm (-9cm)
Thigh: 63cm 61cm (-2cm) 58cm (-3cm)
Calf: 44cm 40cm (-4cm) 40cm (no change)
Ankle: 25cm 24cm (-1cm) 24cm (no change)

So it's clear which part all the weight's gone from!

A quick note. This country's half hearted metrification has left me confused to some extent about measurements and weights. Being a child of the 80s, I was taught metric measurements. For both height and weight. It was only after a while of doing this that I started tracking my weight in pounds as well as kilos, as it makes more sense to other people and also helps me understand what other people have achieved when I read their stats or comments. So there's a mixture of figures now. All the machines and the scales at the gym are in kilos so I weigh myself in kilos and then convert it later. Measurements I do in cm, I haven't really got the hang of feet and inches, ever.

But I will make an exception here. I picked up a free mag the other day, so I've not got a web link for this, although I'm sure that the same guidelines are out there somewhere. But I'll type out the little diddy piece...

Your waistline is a better indication of your heart's health than your total body fat. Researchers found that waist size gives a better idea of risk factors, such as high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Men should aim for a waist size of 35 inches or under and, for women, it's 33 inches or less. Additionally, where the fat lies is important. Apple shaped bodies, those with excess abdominal fat, ar believed to have a higher risk of health problems, including diabetes and breast cancer.

The reason I quote this is that, if you're not familiar with metric, the aforementioned 83cm waist measurement is, in inches, slightly under 33. I think you'll understand why I'm happy with that.


Blogger Thomas said...

I have been recording my measurements in metric since 1983. I can understand the resistance to metric, as the waist and hip would appear huge. Among men, however, chest, bicep, and penis sizes would be impressive, as I have discovered in 1975, at age 8.

2:40 AM  

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