Saturday, August 20, 2005

80s fever

The fun of tracking your weight in pounds, kilograms, stone and every other measurement you can think of is that the milestones seem to come round quicker. Today it was seeing 89.8kg on the scales. I still remember the day I was so pleased to drop under 100kg, and it still feels like I've only just done it, so to drop under 90 is wonderful. Every day I realise how much progress I'm making.

I met up with the lovely Kylie today and had a wonderful afternoon eating, drinking and shopping. It was nice to talk to someone who's going through the same process as I am, and who has helped keep me going at times during this. It was good to talk through some issues that I've been ticking over in my mind, and realise that I'm not the only person who's ever had to try to figure out a way to make healthy eating and exercise work, on a lifetime basis rather than on a get to goal and go back to old habits basis.

It's looking like the next week will be a bit of a "week off". My mum's coming over from Spain, and between eating out, a weekend away with her and her cooking for me, I won't be eating a lot of my staples over the next week. But it's interesting how my idea of a week of has changed. I sat down, and I thougt about it, and I realised that I'm hardly going to change what I do at all. I'll still be exercising (I may lose about 10 minutes gym time by going in on the bus rather than in the car, but there won't be much impact really). I'll be eating the same breakfast most of the time, and the same lunch. The same snacks. The only thing that will really change is what I eat in the evening. And that will still probably be healthier than it used to be, I'll make better choices when we eat out, and I might persuade my mother to cook something that contains vegetables. If that's what I class as a week off, where I'm not meant to stress about food, then I think I'm set up to be able to do this long term.

After all, there's no point setting rules or targets which are so restrictive that you won't be able to live life that way, so I'm planning to relax a little, and trust myself to be vaguely sensible. It will be good practice!


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