Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Just run!

I'm really getting into my running at the moment, and I've just done something that I never dreamed I'd do earlier this year. I've signed up for a second 10k in November. My way of telling me that I can't just do the run at Harewood House and then bask in my achievement. I have to keep on running if I want to get the rest of this weight off. Last year I exercised fairly well over the summer. I didn't lose tons of weight, but I made a decent start and could have carried on. But the days started drawing in and I just stopped doing it. I have the same dangerous triggers (family visits, other commitments) this year, so wanted to make sure that I'm committed to running until the very end of November. So hopefully the plan will work!

I've been running fairly well recently, and really getting into it. It's really helping my weight loss, and I'm feeling so much stronger and fitter. I need to make sure I keep this buzz going, and aim for bigger and better things.


Today I was rummaging around and found some real goal clothes. A couple of years ago I bought some trousers for my sister as a present. She didn't like them, or they didn't fit, and she gave them back to me to return to the shop. I never actually got round to it, so they sat around for years. She's always been the thin one and I've... not been. But I'm getting to the stage where I'm actually believing that one day I'll be able to wear those trousers. I had a sneaky try on this evening, and while they're still 2 sizes or so too small, they actually fit far better than size 18s or 16s did when I first started this journey. So if I can get down as far as I have done, I can get into those trousers. And that will be a real sign of what I've achieved.


I'm excited about tomorrow's weigh in. With a couple of really good runs over the past two days, really good eating and the end of my period meaning less water retention I'm confident that tomorrow I'll "officially" not be obese. (This confidence is helped by the sneaky peek I took at the scales this morning). Of course, what's a pound or so to take me one side of the line or the other, that in itself isn't going to change my health overnight. But still, it's a significant milestone for me, and one I've been looking forward to for a long time. When I first started out with this I overestimated my height somewhat, and as I've got closer to dropping down to 29.9 I've reassessed how tall I actually am, and had to lose an extra 8 or so pounds to get to that magic number. But tomorrow, I'll have passed all of those numbers, and be at the weight where I'm not obese, even if I'm the shortest of all of them. It's been such a long journey, and maybe if I'd realised how hard and long it would be I'd have been discouraged from the start. But I'm ready to start a new chapter in my weight loss. I'm not battling obesity now (although I'm under no illusions about the fact that I'll have that battle in the background for the rest of my life), I'm working on making my body as good as it can be. And that feels good.

I hope I've not jinxed tomorrow's weigh in now, but I just want to get obesity in my past, and start looking forward to the future.


Blogger Portuguese Washwoman said...

I've got another 10 pounds before I'm not Obese any more, and I completely understand the appeal. Good luck on tomorrow's weigh in!

9:03 PM  
Blogger kathrynoh said...

I am hanging out until I'm just "overweight"!

3:32 PM  

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