Tuesday, August 16, 2005


It's funny. Before I hit 199 (still there, third day in a row so I'm taking it as very offical now) I never looked any further than that really. I had various milestone weights starting with the number 2, and then 199. And that was it, really. I had vague numbers in my head that I'd like to hit at some point in the future, but not as iminent targets. More as fantasy land.

But now I'm here, I've been looking at numbers starting with 1. And I've realised that there aren't actually that many of them (comparatively speaking anyway) until I start hitting the "ideal weight" for my height in about 30lbs time. 30lb, that's nothing when you've already lost over 60. Looking at the numbers that I'd never really considered before, I've been filled with renewed optimism that not only CAN I do this, but I WILL do it. It seems funny to be looking at the final run in down to a "normal" weight (and I appreciate that when I make it that far I may want to lose more), when for so long I've just been focussing on not being obese.

So, here goes. 168 seems to be the next "magic number" when I hit 24.9 or so. 31lb away. I can do that. I'm sure I can. It might not be as fast as whan I've already lost, but I know I'll do it. And if I can do that, then I guess I'd ideally like a little breathing room, which brings me back to the 160 figure that I plucked out of the air a while back, 100lb from my heaviest recorded weight. But the difference is that now I'm seeing it as a realistic, achievable target, rather than some random, theoretical number. That's a strange feeling to be having, and maybe if things slow down I'll change my mind. But I'm really excited at the moment to see how I'll change in this stretch down from 199 to goal.


Blogger SkinnyME said...

YP, you are doing so well. I love your attitude and reading your journal gives me more motivation and inspiration everyday to keep plugging along.

Do you have any advice for someone who loves to work out but has a hard time with food? I still find myself overeating at times. I know it takes awhile to 'teach' yourself that you are full but still i think i may need some sort of stratgey. Or am i making this more complicated then it really has to be?

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