Wednesday, August 17, 2005

YP, weight loss guru

Well, not quite, but I thought I'd reply to this comment with a proper post rather than in the comments section where it might get hidden away.

Do you have any advice for someone who loves to work out but has a hard time with food? I still find myself overeating at times. I know it takes awhile to 'teach' yourself that you are full but still i think i may need some sort of stratgey. Or am i making this more complicated then it really has to be?

This is so me (I never thought I'd describe myself as someone who loves to work out, but never mind!). I started this whole journey by deciding I wanted to join a gym and exercise. I hadn't realised how fat I was, and weight loss wasn't my main concern. For ages I just exercised and paid absolutely no attention to my food. If anything I might have even eaten more because I was burning more. This was my "look, I can eat rubbish and still lose weight if I exercise" phase. Unfortunately, what I considered losing weight amounted to 9lb over 8 months. I lost a bit more (about 12, maybe), then put some back on, then took some back off again, but it wasn't exactly what you'd call stunning weight loss.

Then I started sorting out my food. What I do (and I appreciate that this might not work for everyone as it can work out more expensive than other ways of eating) is focus on quality not quantity. This actually works two ways:

1 - for the majority of the food I eat I look at the nutritional value of it. This basically means making sure that I eat enough fresh fruit and veg, pulses, fibre etc, and trying to cut down a little on empty carbs etc. I eat as much as I like as long as it's relatively healthy food. So if I want a huge salad, I do. I don't stress about the dressing too much, I look at the fact I'm eating loads of veg. I don't count calories, carbs, fat or anything like that, I just try to take a balanced view of whether it's something that I want to be eating.

2 - for treats I go for the nicest stuff I can find in small quantities. So a small piece of absolutely gorgeous chocolate instead of a huge amount of cheapo stuff (which is what I used to do). I enjoy it just as much, if not more and it reinforces that it's a decadent treat rather than an everyday snack.

The other thing that I do is that I eat a lot of my food away from home - I work out before breakfast and eat my breakfast when I get to work. So I weigh stuff out and pack myself breakfast and lunch, complete with fruit for snacks - basically enough food that I won't run out no matter how hungry I get, and there'll always be another satsuma on my desk to munch through if necessary. I just don't buy food at work any more, so I don't let myself get tempted by rubbish, and because I've already weighed my cereal etc out before leaving the house I'm not tempted to just put a bit more in because I've had a good workout or anything like that. It's quite controlling I suppose compared to my relaxed approach to the meals I eat at home, but it works for me.

I try to eat as intuitively as I can, teaching myself about food and trying to do it without thinking too hard about it, because I know that long term that gives me the best chance of keeping it off. I suppose it means that my trial and error, working out what works for me stage took longer than it needed to, but I'd rather take a couple of months or even years longer to lose the weight if it means that I can keep it off long term. If I fancy something, I'll eat it, but as I learn more about food, the things I fancy eating are changing, and that's something that gives me confidence I'm doing this the right way.


I'm wondering whether I'm looking bitchy at work. 7 people have got together and entered a charity race. Now this pissed me off anyway because at least 3 or 4 of them know that I run, and know I'd probably have been up for it, but didn't invite me to join their clique. Anyway, they're begging for sponsorship, and everyone's thinking it's the best thing since sliced bread, despite being rather less forthcoming when I asked.

But none of them sponsored me when I ran, and I've been asked by a couple of people who did to sponsor them in races that they're doing soon. I have no problems with that at all, as they came up with the cash when I did Race for Life, but I'm feeling a bit sponsored out when it comes to other things. And the form of the gang of 7 doesn't even have a gift aid declaration on it, and doesn't ask for your address so I know that if I sponsor them it won't get as much money to charity as if I sponsor the other people who have asked me, who do have all the gift aid stuff set up. And did I mention that I'm a bit pissed off? So I've not sponsored them yet. I'm trying to decide whether this makes me look like a complete bitch. Or maybe I should just find the money, but I saw some lovely jeans today...


Blogger SkinnyME said...

Thanks for answering my question YP :). I definitley need to add in more fruits and vegetables in my daily menu. I need to cut down on empty carbs like white rice, that stuff makes me overeat and I feel terrible after I eat it.

I believe that if I sorted out my food correctly, I would get better losses and would have more energy and also just feel better altogether.

Thanks for the tips! :)

7:52 PM  
Blogger Special Lady said...

I don't think you would look bitchy because if they are doing it for the right reasons they know you give to charities anyway considering your past events and might think that you just don't have it. See that's the nice answer, I have sort of a mean streak so I wouldn't help them out just because of how they went about he whole situation and dare anyone of them to ask why not, so they could hear the real reason along with an extra 2 cents that they might not Of course this means I don't want any kind of relationship with them and they can't affect my status at work. Oh, in a perfect world. :)

Gook Luck, I'm sure you are very nice and wouldn't go to any, I wouldn't either but I can daydream ;)

8:31 PM  

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