Saturday, September 03, 2005

Feminine Wiles

I never used to understand other girls and later other women. The preening, beautifying, "getting ready" process. Whenever I got ready to go out the process was very much spend all day doing whatever I was doing (nb unlikely to be shopping), get to 7.45pm, wonder in a panic whether my clothes are clean, possibly change my shoes, or my top (rarely both), look in the mirror, decide make up won't help, head out of the door.

But as this weight loss process goes on I'm getting more and more conscious of what I look like, and more willing to make an effort. So when Zoe texted at about 2pm asking if I fancied a night out, my mind immediately started whirring. What should I wear? What time should I have my bath? What time should I eat? Should I straighten my hair?

It's not something that's come on consciously, I just seem to take more interest in my appearance these days. Maybe it's because I've got clothes that actually make me look nice, I'm more interested in wearing them. Even if it is just a night down the local with a mate and her sister. I do live in a quite nice bit of Leeds, to be fair, so the local is quite trendy but still, I'd never have made this effort before. I guess I thought that no amount of pampering would make enough of a difference!

It's not that I'm going out on the pull, or wanting to attract male attention. I just don't see why I should hide my lovely new body away, even if it is still a work in progress. I'm going to wear a skirt because all this running has made my legs look fantastic, and I need to remind myself why I put all the hard work in. I'm going to wear a low cut top because it shows off my collarbones amazingly. And I'm going to wear it because I now have the confidence to pull it off.

I always wondered how other people learned this process, how they started doing it, but it just seems to have, finally, come naturally to me. That's been one of the biggest surprises of this whole process, together with the fact that I now enjoy shopping. I never enjoyed shopping before, but it's all become far more interesting and far more fun now that I have such a wide choice of clothes to wear.

I sometimes have to pinch myself when I'm shopping. I still pick up size 16 stuff with some trepidation, wondering whether it will fit. It still hasn't sunk in that I'm actually edging towards the small end of size 16, and that I shouldn't be surprised when they fit. And I certainly shouldn't buy everything I try on that actually fits any more! (on the subject of fit, I tried on my size 12 target trousers again today. I blogged about these a while back, I can't remember when, I bought them for my sister but she didn't like them and I never got round to taking them back. Well, I have to move most of my belly above the waistband to do this, and there's one hell of a roll over, but I can get them to fasten! just...)

Anyway, the hair straighteners are heating up so I'd better get on with it!


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