Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Five Stone Haircut

Today was the day of the big haircut. I wanted something different to celebrate the fact that my face is almost worth seeing and not something that is best hidden behind a mountain of hair. I wanted a new haircut to reinforce when I look in the mirror that there is something different about me. I made an appointment and I was prepared to leave myself in the hands of the stylist. My hair has been roughly shoulder length for a while, with some layers, but the best word to describe it most of the time is bushy. It is just so thick and heavy that it ends up just looking like a mass of hair very quickly. I was considering having it shorter and more styled so that there was a definite difference.

Bad idea, apparently. Going shorter would mean that it springs up even more. So the stylist suggested more layers, but that's what they try every time and it never looks too much different. Then, she suggested a fringe. I don't think I've had a fringe since I was in junior school, but what the hell, I can always grow it out. I have a fringe.

I've not decided whether I like it yet, but it makes a change not constantly having to tuck the front of my hair behind my ears to get rid of it. I will hopefully post a photo once it's grown on me! (Coincidentally I've updated my header with a more recent photo today, which now looks nothing like my current hairdo. Never mind!).


Anyway, the other significant thing about the haircut is that it was the 5 stone (70lb) haircut. That's a hell of a lot of weight. I made the appointment during the week because I was fed up of the state of my hair and decided I was close enough. I did not expect to be 5 stone down by today. But I am. I even got a print out from the scales at Boots to prove it. 13 stone 8. That's a number I never really expected to see. 5 stone down. If I lose 2 stone more I'll be a normal weight for my height, and as it is my BMI is about to drop below 28. The task just doesn't sound too bad any more.

At the moment though I am worried about how fast I'm losing weight. I never thought I'd say that, but I am. I constantly see and hear things saying that you shouldn't aim for more than 2lb per week, and I don't aim for more than that. But I seem to be losing more than that. I thought my weight loss would slow down as I got closer to goal, but it doesn't seem to be. I'm even eating more than I used to, and if anything I'm losing more weight than I was a couple of months ago. I set a target over the past 7 or 8 weeks of 14lb and I've lost 19. I know it's not a huge amount more, and I'm not losing stupid amounts, but it's still faster than I was expecting at this stage. I suppose I shouldn't complain and maybe I'll plateau for months to make up for it, but I'm just surprised really at how easily it's coming off at the moment. (Easily being a comparative statement - I am working hard at it, but no harder than I was before).


Came back with some goodies from the big shopping trip. I'm actually starting to think more carefully about what I buy and what I wear. One day I might even be able to say that I have a sense of style. Who knows? What I do know though is that increasingly I can walk into any shop that catches my eye and be fairly confident that they'll have something in my size.

Any shop except the fat shop, obviously, although I did get some boots from there in the end having conquered my fear of walking in again.


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