Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sibling Rivalry

OK, maybe not rivalry as this battle is only going one way, but I'm still impressed with myself today.

I felt a bit cold on the way home from work today, and remembered that my sister has a fleece from my old university in the States. For some reason I fancied wearing it rather than any of my too big jumpers (having lost all my weight over summer I don't really have any thin warm clothes, I could do with a shopping trip for that...)

Anyway, the fleece came into my mind and I dug it out. I don't know at what point it occured to me, but I realised that if I could wear the fleece, I could rummage deeper in her pile of old clothes.

My sister's always been thinner than me. when she lived in this country she was never thin as such, but next to me she was. Now she's got a gorgeous figure, still not amazingly light, but she looks good and she's definitely lost a bit of weight over the past couple of years since she's been a scuba instructor. But even when she left, 2 years ago, she didn't look half bad.

Anyway, as I was looking through her clothes for more jumpers (she's always been fairly busty so her extra boobage would balance out my extra fat...) I came across a pair of jeans, and I noticed the label. I've been searching for the perfect pair of jeans for a couple of weeks now. Maybe perfect isn't the word, but I've been searching for the perfect trade off between price and fit. I don't want to pay any more than I have to for transitional clothes, but I want something more flattering than the clothes I could wear 20 or 30 pounds ago.

This pair of jeans was precisely the size I'd been trying on (34/34, or roughly a UK 16). So I tried them on, and they fit perfectly. Far better than some of the jeans I've tried on recently, and with a far better price tag!

I got bolder. I dug out a suit, a dress, a pair of trousers, some jumpers, a coat. All of them size 14. And they all fit. Some looked better than others, and some would be a little too tight to wear comfortably for a whole day, but they all fastened and they all avoided too much overspill. I've been in the size 16 comfort zone for a while, and I was just about considering trying 14s, not realising I had such a fruitful stash in the spare bedroom.

So I've acquired the basics of a new smaller winter wardrobe for free, and even better I've got a marker of what I've achieved. I'm at the size my sister was at two years ago (the jeans have a cinema ticket in the pocket from November 2003), and that's a size I never really thought I'd ever see. One day, you never know, I might even be the thin sister. And that really is mindblowing to imagine.


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