Thursday, November 24, 2005


I went to Spanish tonight. I wasn't looking forward to it at first. I've missed two out of the last three sessions (and the one I went to wasn't taught by my usual teacher), and I was worried about how behind I'd be.

There were drinks after work, and I had time to kill before the lesson, so guess what. I drank. So not only was I behind, I was making the problem seem worse by turning up just a little tipsy. Part of me was wondering whether it was worth going back.

Hold on. Haven't I been here before?

Isn't this the very reasoning our inner fat chicks use to talk us out of exercising? You're not fit and you can't do it, so there's no point getting back on that wagon and working to get to a place where you can do it. You will never be able to do it now you've slipped a little, so there's no point trying.

Well, bollocks to that. I went, I sat there, and I realised that the missing lessons were redeemable. With a good teacher, and a bit of work, there's no reason why that should be a problem. By the end of the course, those missed sessions will be irrelevant.

And so it is with fitness and eating right. It's the long term that counts just as much as the short term. The only thing wrong with slipping occasionally is not getting back down to it. As simple as that.


I'm currently getting worried. I'm meant to be doing this 10k race on Sunday and it's going to be cold. Very cold. Cold as in potentially snowy. But quite possibly not snowy enough or at the right time for the race to be cancelled. Can someone remind me why I ever thought that a run in November wouldn't be cold, and why I'm surprised now?

It seemed like such a good idea at the time!


Blogger K said...

I am thinking the same about the race in January that I'm considering signing up for... According to the weather forecast I saw yesterday evening, it's probably going to be sunny on Sunday. What conditions will be like underfoot, I don't know, though. (I didn't really believe it would snow this early in the year, but the view from my window proves me wrong! I'm in Edinburgh...)

Good luck, anyway. Can you run in gloves?

10:02 AM  

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