Monday, November 14, 2005

The final 20

As I predicted last Monday, the holiday weight has gone and I'm back at 180 which was my previous low. And now I'm back there and have established for certain that pretty much all the holiday weight was water I can reluctantly reveal that last Monday's horrific weigh in was 188. I'm glad to be back down!

The upshot of this all is that I'm now ready to start my final challenge, getting rid of the last 20lb to get me down to 100lb lost. That figure's more symbolic than anything, but it's about half a stone under my "24.9" BMI weight, so it's as good a place as any to aim at, at least until I get a better idea of what I'd look like at that weight. I first got to 180 a couple of weeks ago, but knew that my weight would fluctuate around for a while so didn't want to start aiming at anything lower until I consolidated that number.

Anyway. 160 beckons, and I'm starting to plan my reward for getting there. I've been looking back at my diary to get a realistic idea of how long it will take. By coincidence, I hit 199 on 14 August which is exactly three months ago. And if I assume another three months to lose the next 20, that would take me to 14 February. I'm a bit hesitant about setting a 3 month timescale as I appreciate that my weight loss has and will slow down as I get closer to goal. Hell, it might not even want to make it to 160 at all. And there's Christmas and New Year in the middle of that three month period. But on the other hand, the past three months have actually been fairly tricky for weight loss - I've had 5 or 6 disrupted weeks in that period, and in the next 3 months there's only really the fortnight or so over Christmas where I'll be in much danger of falling off the wagon. I haven't got many Christmas parties to go to, and I don't really do New Year, so it will just be the time when I'm in Spain. So actually, I could stick to being good far more easily than I have over the difficult October period.

The other reason for sticking with the 3 month goal is the end date. Anyone who's read back through my archives may remember that I'm a terminal singleton and proud of it. I'm not looking to get into a relationship with anyone really, and am more than happy on my own. February 14th is always a date that winds me up though, with all the celebrations of couplehood and conspicuous loved-up-ness. I certainly won't be going to use the pool at the gym on Valentines weekend this year, let's put it that way! But next year I'd like to take the opportunity to celebrate my love for myself (how narcissistic!), and what I've done for myself over the past year. I'm also probably going to be going to France for the weekend on the 11th for a rugby match, which is perfectly timed to be a reward to myself for what I've achieved. A weekend of celebrating how fab and thin I am (and eating a celebratory French cake or two), in lieu of getting depressed about not having something I don't want anyway. I'll go and have a good time whether I've made "goal" or not, but it's just something to aim for.

However, going past that, I've also decided on a New Year's resolution (just a little early, but part of the thinking process I went through today). This one is far less time critical in terms of flogging myself to get to a certain target as soon as possible, but probably more important. What I want, more than getting to 160 by 14 February, is to be 160 or thereabouts on 31 December 2006. I can either get there early and maintain, or I can get there on the 31st. I don't care. But I need to focus on staying there, rather than just making it, so that's the date I want to concentrate on. There are no real mini targets left now, it's time to head to goal and stay there.


I bought new tracksuit bottoms today and nearly died of shock in the process. The XL were labelled as 16-18 and the L as 14-16. I assumed that a medium would be 12-14, and pretty much what I wanted. I found some but they were labelled 10-12. Anyway, I chickened out and tried the 14-16 on and couldn't believe how baggy they were. Surely something labelled 10-12 wouldn't fit? Would it?

(You may have guessed from the fact that I'm recounting this story that the answer is yes. The "I tried something on and it didn't fit" stories aren't quite as confidence boosting, funnily enough).

I'm assuming they're nearer a 12 than a 10, and with sufficient stretchiness to survive but still!!!

There's something about the number 12 today. I also tried on the trousers that I bought for my sister years ago that I mentioned in a post way a few months ago. They fit. I'm not saying that I'm there yet, but I'm still edging downwards.


A fantastic 58:48 10k on the treadmill before work this morning. I can't believe that I can actually get under an hour for 10k! (In fact, I first need to start believing that I can run 10k at all). Only 13 days to go before the big race, and I feel far more prepared than I did for the Cancer Research 10 I did back in September. At the moment I'm running 10k a full 10 minutes quicker than I did that day, and I know that the course will be far easier with no hills to speak of. I'm considering running the course this weekend as a trial run, but I'm quite worried about the traffic if I do it on a day that isn't race day as it goes up a busy road (which will presumably have a lane or so coned off for the real thing). I walk a couple of km of the course every day between the office and where I park (bizarrely the run pretty much leaves from the back door of my office!), and I know the road fairly well, but it would be interesting to see whether I can do it in advance.


Blogger Dawnyal said...

You know you really do have it all together and I love coming here and reading about all you do. It sounds like you have a good solid plan in place with somewhat of a timeline but you're not beating yourself up if you don't lose xx pounds by a certain date.

As for Valentine's Day, having someone doesn't necessarily make it a good day. :) I still protest it on occassion by wearing all black and not honoring it. Teach me to marry a non-romantic. But I do know what you mean about the feelings of being single on that day.

I can't wait to hear how well the 10k will go.

5:35 PM  
Blogger einalem said...


I've been skulking round your blog for a while. Great stuff. Bad news though - I did Abbey Dash last year and although it LOOKS flat, it is one giant long hill secretly disguised as a flat road. It was really windy and cold last year too, which was hard work. I'm sure you'll be fine though - it's really good for spectating as all the speedy folks are zooming in as you near the Abbey. I spotted Nell NcAndrew who did 45 minutes. Good luck

11:13 AM  

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