Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Glass half full

I've always been a fairly positive person, trying to see the best in any situation. Over the past two days I've demonstrated that to myself yet again.

First some background. My bosses are on holiday, leaving me in charge, and the place I normally park my car (for free) has been fenced off this week, meaning that I've resorted to travelling in on the bus.

That combination leads to only one possible outcome. Christmas drinks. But I'm not going to sit here and moan about going way off track compared to how I've been eating and drinking recently, instead I'm rather impressed about how much better I'm handling the situation that last year, even if it isn't perfect.

So I won't feel bad because yesterday I chose to eat a burger with cheese and bacon. (I did try to get a chicken breast in pitta, but they had no chicken). It was, to be fair, a fantastic burger, and what's more, even though it's more than I'd normally eat for lunch (it came with chips too), I didn't eat much more that day, just some yogurt, fruit and muesli and a few chocolate coated strawberries. And some chocolates... But still, what I didn't do was get a burger, a kebab, a pizza or any other sort of takeaway food on the way home, I limited the blow out to one measly meal, and it was worth it.

And I won't feel bad because I accompanied the burger with lots of wine, and lots of cherry beer (each glass of which came with a complimentary chocolate truffle). I won't sit here complaining that I'm hungover. Instead I'll reflect on the fact that in the past I might have drunk far more than that. Large glasses of wine instead of small ones. The sort of beer that's served in pints rather than halves. I might not have left the pub at 4.45 and gone home. I might have really turned it into a bender.

I won't feel bad about making myself just feel a little drunk last night, because this morning I got up, forgot it and went to the gym. I ran 5k in 28 minutes, and I did some weights. I walked past the sandwich shops selling tempting smelling bacon sandwiches and I got back on track by eating my normal breakfast. It doesn't necessarily redeem the burger, but it cuts the damage off before it gets too bad.

And I didn't sit there worrying about the fact that I was meeting up with a friend for lunch today too. Instead I got back on the wagon and ordered something insanely healthy for a change. I may not have eaten all the brocolli (a vegetable nemesis of mine), but I ate some of it, and I ate all the rest of the veg, including no fewer than three things I didn't eat this time last year. So that was good. Even if I did accompany it with another cherry beer (see above re complimentary chocolate).

I'm not perfect, and to be frank, I never expect to be. But at least I'm learning how to fit those little indulgences into my life, how to indulge for an afternoon and get straight back on the wagon, and how being a bit better than before is still a victory.


Blogger kathrynoh said...

God, what would life be without a cheery beer or two? I think eating changes are like any other - you only know what you have achieved when you are tested. Anyone can lose weight in a controlled environment, the real successes are when we can live in the real world.

And I think you are right about becoming addicted to running. I can't wait to do it again.

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