Sunday, December 11, 2005


Another busy weekend, the last one before Spain. Manchester yesterday, doing a bit more Christmas shopping and meeting up with lots of friends (in shifts!). A nice afternoon round the shops, then an evening drinking and going on the big wheel.

Then today I visited my grandparents. Which basically involves doing no exercise and eating rubbish. Today it was a traditional Sunday three course lunch in a hotel in Blackpool. This is seriously my idea of the meal from hell. Not because of it's effect on my weight loss, at this point I don't really care much about that, for a one-meal family visit. But I just don't like that sort of food. Food that's sitting in the kitchen just waiting to be put onto a plate, possibly three hours after it was cooked.

I like waiting for food that's been properly cooked, and that is worth the wait. I'm not a fan of overcooked vegetables, dried out meat and potatoes, cheap tasting bread and desserts that are basically cream, and then smothered with more cream. Yum. Give me a nice balanced meal, some beans, some nice veggies, some fruit, and something worth indulging on. Of course I'd rather see my grandparents than go out to eat somewhere nice on my own, but it does frustrate me that I'm having an off plan day and not even enjoying it.

However, I had plenty of time driving over and back to ponder my plans for next year. I've never been one for new years resolutions really, and I've certainly never kept them, but next year might be different. I'm coming up with a list of resolutions that aren't "give up this" "work harder at that" but which are "use what you've gained (e.g. fitness) and use it in another way". So that's taking up new, active, hobbies, that I've always vaguely wanted to do, but always feared I'd be too fat for (one example which might not make the final cut, white water rafting - one place I found recently on the internet has a weight limit of 16 stone). I don't want to give too much away just yet, but I've got a couple of things I'm looking into to act both as rewards for what I've done and an incentive to stay fit and healthy. Things that will challenge me, but will hopefully be enjoyable. Things that will give me a sense of achievement. I'm planning a couple of looking forward/back posts which I'm going to write while I'm away, so I'll save the details for that. Keep you all guessing!


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