Sunday, January 15, 2006


For lunch today I had a salad from M&S. With green leafy stuff, and peppers and beans.

and tuna!

It wasn't too bad, thankfully. I wouldn't say that I prefer tuna to chicken or my other staples, but it was edible (or at least I ate the whole thing), and I'd probably eat it again. I decided to get some pre-prepared stuff in the end because I'd rather have something that I know (or hope) has been properly cooked and nicely prepared (hence having it in an M&S salad instead of a cheapo one) rather than putting myself off by cooking it wrong. The going out to eat it idea was tempting, but I'd rather not spend quite that much on something I don't know whether I'm going to eat.

So, I'd definitely call that a victory over the dreaded fish. We'll see where it leads, but I actually ate it!

This morning I went out for my long run. I was a bit nervous about this, partly because I've never backed up a 4 mile run one day with a long run the next, and also because I didn't know how the new trainers would go. On the schedule was "8M slow (or 1 hr)". Now, for me 8 miles takes much longer than an hour, but never mind. I was hoping for 7 - 8 miles like last week, but suspected that it might be less while I wear the shoes in a little.

Funnily (but happily) the shoes were absolutely fine, but it was my stomach that gave me issues. I woke up really early and had to wait for an hour and a half or so until it was light enough to go out and run. I was hungry at this stage so had a muesli bar to tide me over, but I suspect I didn't leave enough time for it to be digested properly before running, and I got stomach cramps a couple of times. I managed to do about 8k before the first one (which co-incided with me needing to tie my laces), then walked for a while and ran a bit further to get to about 10k/6 miles in just over an hour. So not quite what I was hoping far, but not too far off track, and I've done a bit of extra distance on my shorter runs this week so for the week as a whole I'm within a mile or so of where I should be.

Other than that, it's been a trip to the supermarket. I actually seem to be getting better at planning my meals in advance rather than buying a load of fruit and veg and realising I don't have a clue how to put them all together. So this evening I'm having chicken with a new spinach recipe I've found, tomorrow will be chicken with rocket salad and tuesday will be loosely based around roast mediterranean veg. I'm hoping for a week of nice clean eats.

I'm also hoping for a nice weigh in in the morning. Yesterday I got a print out from the scale in Boots which, if it's repeated on my normal scale, would be a new all time low and a sign that fat burning has re-started in earnest. (Sadly, it also measures my height and decided that I'm 5 foot 8.5 rather than 5 foot 9, which puts that magical normal BMI another pound further away - on this subject, I know that my weight fluctuates, but I've had height measurements ranging from 5 foot 8 to 5 foot 10 from the one machine - and all without shoes! That winds me up). Usually the Boots scale is pretty much the same as the Boots one, so fingers crossed for tomorrow. I suppose I could still count the Boots weight if I'm desperate, as it's printed on a bit of paper for posterity, but I'd rather stick with the normal scale I suppose, for consistency.


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I'm glad you got your new shoes! Your distances are so impressive... I'm still nursing blisters and sore quads from my 5K on Saturday (I'll be blogging about that, but suffice it to say, I didn't run the whole way) so am very impressed by all of this 10K-ing.

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