Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Good Day

So, today went well. I did my "35 minutes/4 miles easy" on the treadmill. I actually did 40 minutes in the end, 4 miles took about 37 and a bit minutes, but I like nice round numbers so I carried on to 4.25 miles/40 minutes. Still on track with the schedule, which is good.

I went out for lunch with my boss today. I was on holiday when they went for the team Christmas meal, as was my trainee, so we went out for our own meal today. I was half inclined to indulge myself, particularly as I wasn't paying, but actually ended up being far more healthy than that. I listened to my hunger levels, and realised I wasn't that hungry. I also listened to some common sense in my head and realised that just because there was pizza on the menu, it didn't mean I needed to eat it. The healthier food would be just as nice, and would make me feel better about myself. So I ended up having some chicken (with a little slice of parma ham on top) with gnocci and butternut squash chunks. All three of us had the same, and we had two sides of spinach and green beans, and of course I dug into those.

Then, the challenge. If turning down a starter and bread is hard enough, there's nothing like turning down dessert when other people are about to eat it. But the fact was, I wasn't hungry any more, and having a slice of cheesecake (and it looked like very nice cheesecake) wasn't going to make the meal any better than it already was (which was bloody delicious). So I didn't have it.

Part of the no-cheesecake reasoning was that I've promised myself a slice when I hit 12 stone and a BMI of 24.9. I didn't want to take the shine off the celebratory cheesecake by having a slice for no particular reason apart from the fact I wasn't paying for it. I want to feel like I've really earned it before I indulge, because it will taste all the more special for that.

So I made a pact with myself. I'd go home via Boots, and if I'd hit the magic number on their scales (I was oh so close this morning at the gym, but not close enough) then I'd go to Costa or somewhere and let myself have a slice. But if not, then I'd leave it for another day. And that's what I did, and although I'm apparently now 5 foot 9 again, I'm still 12 stone 1, so the cheesecake will wait for another day.

I've also been sensible since I got home. I ate out at lunchtime so I didn't cook tonight. Normally I'd cook in the evening no matter what I'd eaten during the day, because that's what I did in the evening. I seem to be getting far better at balancing out what I eat over the course of a day, and actually listening to my hunger levels rather than eating something because that's what I'd got planned.

So all in all, a pretty good day, under control and heading very definitely in the right direction.


Blogger Teena said...

Good for you for passing up on all the goodies. When I'm not paying for a meal, I find it hard not to have everything! I'm not as strong as you, I'm afraid.

2:43 AM  
Blogger Portuguese Washwoman said...

Honestly, your clear-minded SANENESS helps me more than you know. Never stop writing.

3:06 PM  
Blogger kathrynoh said...

Free food is always the hardest to resist and especially yummy desserts, but you are right - that cheesecake will be all the better for having waited.

I get weighed at shop scales too and my height varies within a 2 cm range even though I always wear the same shoes. I figure my hair much be bigger some days :)

10:13 PM  

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