Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In hiding

I'm hiding in my bedroom with my laptop, but there's no escape. Downstairs are my sister and her boyfriend, and the pile of food from hell.

I got in from my 2nd run of the day (Tuesday is double trouble day!) and had grilled chicken, a huge pile of spinach and some left over roast veg from yesterday. An hour or so later she arrived with a bag full of bacon, sausages, doritos, dips, coke, white bread and god knows what else. None of this is stuff that has been in the house since her last visit. (OK, I lie, there are some packs of bacon and some sausages in the freezer, but while they're frozen they're not tempting).

But the smell, oh the smell. It's just so distinctive. I suppose that the good thing is that I realise I don't actually want to eat it, and it actually makes me feel quite glad I don't eat it. But I really don't need the smell lingering in the house for hours or days.

(but, hah. I have control of the tv remote (all the tvs are tuned into sky and I can control it from up here), and just as they're tucking in the poo from hell comes on You Are What You Eat. Success!)

There's another reason to feel virtuous too though. I weigh 12 stone, and she weighs 11 stone 11. 3 measly little pounds in it. But the clinching factor is that I'm taller than she is. Which means that my BMI is under 24.9 and hers is over. Fantastic! That's the first time I've ever been able to say that!!!

To be fair, I'm not noticeable thinner than she is, but she isn't noticeably thinner than me either, which is how it was for far too long. And I know that I am eating and exercising in a way that will get me smaller whereas, even with an active, sporty job, there's only one place that bacon's going to go. And rather her arse than mine!


Blogger seema said...

Yp, this is my new blog :) Feel free to add it onto your blogroll.

I have actually gave into cake a couple of days ago, it was my cousins birthday and I didn't think I would need to have any but I did and it was a big piece so the fact that you can keep away from all that food is just inspirational to me! Hopefully soon I will be able to resist too.

10:19 PM  
Blogger seema said...

Oops, I forgot to tell you my old blog was SkinnyMe.

10:20 PM  

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