Thursday, January 19, 2006

Skinny Low Cut Trousers

I do like it when, having picked up a suit in the Zara sale for under £40, within minutes of putting it on someone at the gym comments "ooh, look at you in those skinny trousers". Sometimes just wearing new clothes takes pounds off you because they actually fit properly for a change. And lots of people noticed (and liked) the new suit. Result.

I never used to wear trouser suits at all. I far prefered skirts, perhaps imagining that they were a little more forgiving, skimming over the worst excesses of stomach, arse and thigh a bit less closely, and adding a touch of femininity that doesn't come from trousers with legs the size of tree trunks. But now I can't remember the last time I wore a skirt to work, and it's so nice to spend winter not having to spend a small fortune on tights (even better, when I do wear tights I don't wear through the thigh within a matter of minutes any more).

I was meant to be saving buying my "reward suit" for after pay day (and when I'd earned said reward), but for £40 it was too good to turn down. And I can't believe I'm wearing something with thin, straightish legs, which is low cut (there's belly button visibility, perched well above the waistband - or at least it's visible if I don't put a top on which clearly isn't the state I go to work in). And, dream as I may, losing that extra pound won't magically make me a size 12 if I'm not one already (I am in some shops, but not Zara).

Speaking of that low cut waistband, there's been lots of tummy tuck surgery on Fat-TV* recently, on Super Size Surgery and on last week's Ten Years Younger, and it's made me realise how lucky I have been with skin. Recently I've started noticing a distinct lack of tone, and a little sagginess, and I've wondered whether the dreaded loose skin has arrived after all. And then I see those programmes and realise what loose skin really means, and also the gruesome details of the surgery to fix it. And believe me, I'm nowhere near that. My stomach isn't as flat or toned as it could be, and if I lose more weight it might start getting worse, but it's not too bad. Not compared to that. Because after all, I'm not an 18 year old model, I'm me, and I never expected my body to be perfect.

I've always thought I wouldn't have surgery, but then if I'd had the amount of skin some of those women had, well, I'm not so sure I'd be turning it down. But having seen the intrusiveness and gruesomeness of the surgery, I don't think I'd do it for what I have. Or at least, not unless it really starts chafing when I run or something like that. I'm proud of the scars on my ankle because it reminds me of what I went through, and maybe I should just see the slight looseness I have as a constant reminder of what I've achieved and why I don't want to go back to how I was.

I know some people who, on seeing my ankle, wonder how I go out in skirts and sandals, without trousers or boots to cover it up. It doesn't bother me that much. I know it's scarred, but it's not going to get better by hiding away, and it's not going to hurt anyone. The same with my stomach. It could look better, but then it could (and did) look a hell of a lot worse, so if my clothes are comfy and I like how they look I'm not going to hide it away for fear of offending someone with a bit of flab. Or not when it would mean turning down a fab sub-£40 suit anyway!

(There's a hell of a lot of Fat-TV* on at the moment. I watch it avidly, and I can't get enough. It appeals to my inner bitch when I can look at someone fatter than me or who has lost less weight, or who has a less healthy diet, or who can't cope with exercise, or anything like that. My inner bitch is a horrible, horrible person, and maybe I shouldn't give her the opportunity to think this stuff. But then again, better she thinks it about people on tv who I don't know than appearing in real life when I really don't want her to...)

*Don't worry, this isn't a real TV channel, more of a genre. But I like to lump it together under the one title. Although you do sometimes wonder whether some of the channels are having a Fat-TV month and whether they'd be better off changing their names for the duration of January...


Running update - today I ran 5 miles "fast and slow" on the treadmill - 4 minutes slow then 1 minute fast. I've also earmarked another two 10k runs as potentials to fill out my schedule from now til June.

And the number's come through for the Half Marathon. So if you see someone running round Blackpool in number 900 on the 26th February, it's me! Say hello!!!


Blogger Vicky said...

You have an excellent attitude! I wish I could think like that. I have an apron and stretch marks as proof of two kids, in one way proud of them in another.. I just couldn't let anyone see them, I don't even like hubby seing them. One goal I have, once I have loat the weight and toned up is to have the apronectomy.

I know what you mean as far as Fat TV goes. You Are What you Eat, celeb fit club, that channel 5 diet doctors thing... I too watch them to appease my inner bitch.

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