Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Sun Is Shining

And I'm feeling good. Since last weekend's trip away I've seemed to have such a more positive outlook on life. I've really appreciated the things I like about myself, the things I'm good at and the things I wouldn't change for the world, and I've developed a bit of an idea of where I'm going with my life. The change in the work situation has helped, but I was feeling better before that. There are hints that the spring is coming, the rugby season has started*, I've sat outside on a beach having something to eat, and this morning the weather was glorious for my run. I even found myself singing and dancing along to my iPod one morning at the bus stop.

My eating hasn't been perfect, but I'm living with that. I don't need it to be perfect, to be honest, so I'll just do the best that I can from day to day. I like the way my life is balanced, and even though it seems quite ambitious to keep all the balls in the air at once, I'm doing it, and I'm enjoying it.

I bought some new jeans yesterday. I don't know whether the 9 on the label is the US size or the age I was when I'd last have been able to consider getting in them, but it's good either way. I had a beautiful 6 mile run this morning, round the lake under glorious blue skies.

I'm feeling good, and it's wonderful.

*Again, best not to mention the rugby too much. We lost last night. Again. This could be the story of the season.


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