Sunday, February 26, 2006

Woo hoo!

It was my half marathon today, and I'm a very happy gym bunny for managing what seemed like a ludicrous idea at the beginning of the year.

But I'm not going to give too much away, you'll have to go to BerlinBlog to read all about it. I'm not running 13.1 miles and typing it all out twice...

The strangest thing though is that I'd planned to go out for a celebratory meal tonight and I'd also planned to have lots of wine to make up for my abstinence in the run up to the race (I've got two bottles from the winery tour in Spain TWO WEEKS AGO that I've not even looked at yet, let alone considered opening).

And yet I'm sitting here, I'm not hungry and I'm not particularly inclined to have a drink. Very very strange.

Although I may well change my mind in a couple of hours once I've had a nice long bath (yup, I drove home and blog the day before I considered de-sweating myself, I was just so excited to tall all!). Actually, maybe wine in the bath will help...


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